SCOPE (Specialist Certification in Obesity Professional Education) is World Obesity's official obesity education programme, designed for all health professionals.

SCOPE's mission is to develop a coherent approach to obesity management through education, and recognition of professional expertise in obesity and its management by:

  • Improving the treatment of patients with obesity through development of evidence-based management pathways
  • Providing an internationally acclaimed high quality obesity education programme through SCOPE Accredited courses and e-learning
  • Recognising obesity expertise and leadership through SCOPE Fellowship

"SCOPE provides the latest and most relevant information to tackle and manage obesity at all levels in the community"                                                 Dr Mahenderan Appukutty, Malaysia

SCOPE Summer School 2011 - Cambridge, UK 

As of 23 March 2016

SCOPE streams

SCOPE is comprised of five different streams, each designed to help accomplish the SCOPE mission.

E-Learning - our programme of online courses provide a solid foundation in obesity diagnosis and classification, complications and comorbidities, and management.

Live training courses - SCOPE live training courses enable healthcare professionals from around the world to interact with each other, with world class speakers and obesity experts, and to share best practices.

Certification - SCOPE e-learning is also linked to the SCOPE Certification programme, which offers practitioners an internationally recognized standard of obesity management expertise. Why shouldn’t obese patients benefit from the same quality of care, regardless of their geographic location?

Fellowship - the SCOPE Fellowship programme recognises obesity experts for their contributions to field.

Accreditation - SCOPE accredits training events globally that meet our educational standards and aims.