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Childhood obesity: research for policy

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Welcome to the final event of the Horizon 2020 STOP (Science and Technology in childhood Obesity Policy) research project "Childhood obesity: research for policy".

The project started in 2018, involving 31 research, civil society and public sector organisations from 16 countries. STOP has aimed at addressing the determinants of childhood obesity, exploring multi-sectoral policies, and providing policy tools and recommendations to help address childhood obesity in the European Union and beyond.

Download our summary papers

Using evidence from biomarkers to strengthen the childhood obesity policy agenda

Paolo Vineis, Oliver Robinson

Download (603.32 KB)

Fiscal incentives for changing dietary behaviours and promoting reformulation

Olivier Allais, Franco Sassi

Download (498.1 KB)

Promoting physical activity in school settings for the prevention of obesity

Gregor Starc, Maroje Sorić

Download (353.1 KB)

Computer-based modelling of childhood obesity policies: challenges and value for policy

Jack Olney

Download (948.18 KB)

Tackling the socio-economic gradient in childhood obesity

Tim Lobstein, Francesco Branca

Download (249.37 KB)

View the agenda

Download the agenda for our Final STOP Conference, 'Childhood obesity: research for policy', here.