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Digital Marketing: industry statements

“We can’t afford not to talk to teens.” Shay Drohan, Senior VP at Coca-Cola

“The AHH Effect campaign is an unconventional and bold step for the brand to connect with teens. Through these experiences, we’re hoping to create the kind of unique digital journey of discovery that today’s teens crave. Based on our research, we know that teens are harden to reach than ever before. With the AHH Effect, we’re interacting with teens, and entertaining them through their own language. The experiences celebrate Coke as the ultimate refresher and remind teens what makes it so special, from the energy and great taste it offers to the optimism and uplift it provides." Andy McMillin, Vice-President Coca-Cola Trademark, Coca-Cola North America Group

“Our kids didn’t learn about the latest sweets and snack foods on their own. They hear about these products from advertisements on TV, the Internet, video games, schools, many other places.” Anita Dunn, SKDKnickerbocker 

“Each participant will develop and make publicly available an individual company action plan that outlines how they will meet the initiatives core principles. Participants will not advertise food and beverage products to children under 12 in any media unless those products represent healthy dietary choices, consistent with established scientific or Australian government standards.” Kate Carnell, CEO at the Australian Food and Grocery Council

“The changes are designed to protect children, one of the core principles of our industry’s self-regulatory system, and the IPA supports them.” Richard Lindsay, Director of Legal and Public Affairs at the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

“Regulation is important but we also know the effects of advertising are relatively small, so whether it’s supporting parents with healthier choices, improving education or getting more people, more active, let’s now grab the opportunity to put our collective energy into tackling the big drivers of obesity.” Stephen Woodford, chief executive of the Advertising Association

“This new initiative is truly a game changer for the health of our children. This is a major American company – a global brand – that is literally changing the way it does business so that our kids can lead healthier lives. With this new initiative, Disney is doing what no major media company has ever done before in the U.S. – and what I hope every company will do going forward. When it comes to the ads they show and the food they sell, they are asking themselves one simple question: “Is this good for our kids?”” Michelle Obama, Former First Lady of the United States 

“By developing nutrition guidelines for children, Disney is demonstrating a long-term commitment to the health of kids. The guidelines are comprehensive and consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americas.” Dr. James O. Hill, Director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

“Families are shopping together more often and we see an opportunity to give parents food choices they can approve of while at the same time satisfying their kids.” Andy Mooney, chairman of Disney Consumer Products

“We realise firms need to be responsible, that is why we have cut salt content, started to introduce better labelling and looking at advertising.”  Spokesman of the Food and Drink Federation

“We pride ourselves on the strength of our global marketing code and are committed to high standards when it comes to protecting children. These proposed changes would lead to greater alignment between the CAP codes and our internal benchmark, which we welcome.” Matt Barwell, CMO of Britvic

“Our success in growing our sparking category today depends on our ability to grow and connect with teens, the generation of tomorrow.” Muhtar Kent, CEO of Coca-Cola 

“A recent Cadbury’s Crème Egg [‘Have a Fling’] campaign was fabulous work by Fallon, targeting teens using TV plus Facebook – and it’s that incremental reach you get by bring the two together that’s really powerful. It reached 15 million unique users by doing the two together, but most importantly a 66 per cent increase in purchase intent, which led to a 9 per cent sales rise.” Nicola Mendelsohn, EMEA Vice-President

“Without resorting to personal attacks, everybody should be able to work together towards a common goal here. At the end of the day, combatting childhood obesity is not a question of what gets advertised but a matter of more exercise, healthier eating habits and working together.” Anita Dunn, SKDKnickerbocker 

“HFSS food and drink ads have long been banned on children’s TV, with under-16s today seeing far fewer of these ads than in recent years. As young people move away from traditional media towards new and social media, we feel it’s important that ad rules keep up with this change." Ian Wright, Director General of the Food and Drink Federation 

“Childhood obesity is a serious and complex issue and one that we’re determined to play our part in tackling. Our tough new rules are a clear demonstration that the ad industry is willing and ready to act on its responsibilities and puts the protection of children at the heart of its work.” James Best, chairman of the Committee of Advertising Practice

“We’re proud of the impact we’ve had over the last six years. We’ve taken steps across our company to support better choices for families, and now we’re taking the next important step forward by setting new food advertising standards for kids. The emotional connection kids have to our characters and stories gives us a unique opportunity to continue to inspire and encourage them to lead healthier lives.” Rober A. Iger, chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company

“Disney will be providing healthier options for families that seek them, whether at our Parks or through our broad array of licensed foods. The Disney brand and characters are in a unique position to market food that kids will want and parents will feel good about giving them.” Robert Iger, President and CEO of the Walt Disney Company

“This is some of the bets news I have heard in over twenty years of working with families and children as a paediatric nutritionist. Disney is synonymous with fun and can play an important role in getting kids to consume a more balanced diet.” Dr. Keith Thomas Ayoob, Associate Clinical Professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“This is a terrific initiative because it makes it easier for parents, even while on vacation, to offer their children well balanced meals with kid appeal.” Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts 

“Advertising has already taken action to end HFSS ads in children’s media, whether on TV, online or elsewhere. We hope this announcement signals government’s recognition that working together with UK agencies, brands and media will get us further, faster in improving the nation’s health.” Tim Lefroy, boss of the Advertising Association

McDonald’s will “continue to advertise to our customers responsibly about our menu and about lifestyle choices and leave the personal responsibility up to them.” Jim Skinner, CEO of McDonald's

“We think the idea of toys being given away with meals has had its day and we’re pleased to be taking the lead in removing them. This is the next step in removing so-called pester power at our stores altogether. We hope this decision today will support parents in making dietary decisions on behalf of their children which aren’t influenced in any way by pressure to choose the meal that has a toy.” Zac Rich, KFC Australia