SSB Taxes - Government guidelines and policy recommendations extract

A Healthy Weight for Ireland: Obesity and Action Plan 2016-2025

This Plan specifically highlights the economic and societal benefits of protecting and maintaining health, preventing illness, and intervening early. It acknowledges the interdependencies between what we are trying to achieve in health and in other policy areas such as education, employment, transport, environment and social protection. The principles on which the Plan is based on are:

  • Life course oriented, with a focus on children and families; and
  • Prevention focused, with an emphasis on targeting inequalities.

The Government’s commitment to preventing overweight and obesity is structured as “Ten Steps Forward.” Among them, step 1, embed multi-sectoral actions on obesity prevention with the support of government departments and public sector agencies, includes an element on sugar-sweetened beverage taxation:

Develop proposals relating to the rollout of evidence-based fiscal measures, including a levy on sugar-sweetened drinks, in support of healthy eating.