SSB Taxes - Government guidelines and policy recommendations extract

Second International Conference on Nutrition: Framework for Action

The purpose of this Framework for Action is to guide the implementation of the commitments of the Rome Declaration on Nutrition. It provides a set of policy options and strategies which governments may incorporate into their national nutrition, health, agriculture, development and investment plans, and consider in negotiating international agreements to achieve better nutrition for all.

Composed of 60 recommendations, the Framework for Action provides a set of policy and programme options to create an enabling environment and to improve nutrition in all sectors. Specifically:

  • Recommendation 14: “Encourage gradual reduction of saturated fat, sugars and salt/sodium and trans-fat from foods and beverages to prevent excessive intake by consumers and improve nutrient content of foods, as needed.”
  • Recommendation 15: “Explore regulatory and voluntary instruments – such as marketing, publicity and labelling policies, economic incentives or disincentives in accordance with Codex Alimentarius and World Trade Organization rules – to promote healthy diets.”