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Global nutrition policy review: What does it take to scale up nutrition action?

Globally, in 2008, one in three adults was overweight. Also, one in 10 men and more than one in 10 women were obese. The highest rates [of obesity] were found in the Region of the Americas, followed by the European region.

Policies covered various forms of nutrition problems, including undernutrition, obesity and diet-related NCDs. The topics most commonly covered in the national policies were obesity and diet-related NCDs. Policies for obesity and diet-related NCDs were most often reported in the Western Pacific Region (100%), the Region of the Americas (92%) and the European Region (91%).

In Europe, 38 countries reported measures to increase prices of food with high fat, salt or sugar to tackle issues related to obesity and diet-related NCDs.

This Global Nutrition Policy Review provided information on whether the countries have nutrition policies and programmes, how they are being implemented, what the implementation coverage is, who the stakeholders are, what the coordination mechanism is, and how the monitoring and evaluation are being implemented. The Review identified a number of gaps in the design, content and implementation of these policies and programmes.

Most countries reported policies to address obesity and diet-related NCDs, although many lacked policies on both child and adult obesity. Obesity appeared to be considered a personal responsibility rather than a problem against which states are obliged to protect their citizens.