SSB Taxes - Civil society organisations policy recommendations extract

2015 Manifesto: eight practical recommendations to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes

The group suggests to introduce a sugary drinks duty and also consider other foods such as confectionary, both as a lever to support behaviour change and as a means for raising revenue for public health interventions. The obesity epidemic is preventable if the food environment is improved. Action on Sugar proposes a coherent strategy that will prevent obesity.

  • Recommendation 1 – Implement sugar reduction targets for food and drinks – 40% by 2020. 
  • Recommendation 2 – Cease advertising and promotion of unhealthy foods and drinks to children and adolescent under 16.
  • Recommendation 3 – Cease partnerships that imply increasing physical activity alone will prevent obesity.
  • Recommendation 4 – Reduce saturated fat.
  • Recommendation 5 – Limit the availability of unhealthy foods and drinks.
  • Recommendation 6 – Introduce sugar drinks duty.
  • Recommendation 7 – Implement national colour coded front of pack labelling.
  • Recommendation 8 – Return responsibility for nutrition to an independent agency with statutory powers.