SSB Taxes - Civil society organisations policy recommendations extract

Supporting strong policies to halt rising rates of obesity

Through the Obesity Prevention Program, Bloomberg Philanthropies has committed over $130 million to support public health policies aimed at reducing obesity in Mexico, the Caribbean (Jamaica & Barbados), Colombia, Brazil, South Africa, and the United States. Building on our extensive experience in tobacco control, Bloomberg Philanthropies is playing a similar role by supporting governments and non-governmental organisations to put in place policies that reduce consumer demand for unhealthy foods and beverages, improve the food environment, and make healthier choices easier for everyone. Based on the best-available evidence, policies that could have the most impact include:

  • Raising taxes on sugary beverages and junk food.
  • Limiting children’s and adolescents’ exposure to unhealthy food and beverage marketing through comprehensive marketing bans.
  • Promoting healthy food policies for the public sector, especially schools.
  • Introducing understandable and informative front-of-package nutrition labels.
  • Developing obesity prevention advertising campaigns.

How the Obesity Prevention Programme is laying the Foundation for Policy Reform:

  1. Raising awareness.
  2. Policy change.
  3. Conducting ground-breaking research.