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Sugar-sweetened beverage tax in Pacific Island countries and territories: A discussion paper


The Pacific Island countries and territories account for some of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes globally. Evidence reveals that in the context of the Pacific Island countries and territories, consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is extremely high, with some people reporting daily consumption. This paper presents a summary of evidence-based options to address sugar-sweetened beverages consumption in the Pacific region with a particular focus on taxation.

Today, 12 out of 22 of the Pacific Island countries and territories have implemented a sugar-sweetened beverage tax of some sort. Based on the different countries’ experiences, this paper provides a tool for the region to build and develop strong sugar-sweetened beverage tax policies. The analysis of the different factors that impact the health outcomes of a sugar-sweetened beverage tax policy allowed the Secretariat of the Pacific Community to develop a set of recommendations to help the formulation of future policies.