Invitation: World Health Organization Regional Meetings

Members AreaInvitation: World Health Organization Regional Meetings

Every year the WHO host regional meetings in which local and global health priorities are discussed.

As World Obesity is in official relations with WHO we are invited to attend. We would now like to extend this invitation to our members. The upcoming meetings are below. If you are interested to attend please contact Rachel Thompson, and we can explore the feasibility.

19-23 August: Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
Regional Committee for Africa: sixty-ninth session

2-6 September: New Delhi, India
Regional Committee for South-East Asia: seventy-second session

16-19 September: Copenhagen, Denmark
Regional Committee for Europe: sixty-ninth session

30 September - 4 October: Washington D.C., USA
Regional Committee for the Americas: seventy-first session

7-11 October: Manila, Philippines 
Regional Committee for the Western Pacific: seventieth session