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2020 New Year Letter

Members Area2020 New Year Letter

Dear friends

We are sending best wishes for a very happy and productive 2020!  May this be a year of partnership and peace in all our lives, and for all of us living and working with obesity, a year of progress and action.  Over the past year, World Obesity Federation and our members and colleagues around the world have accomplished much that can be reflected on in positive light.

We have

  • Engaged people living with obesity, most recently at our Gulf summit in Oman as part of the second regional congress in the Gulf, in partnership with our colleagues from Oman and in the Gulf and Lebanon Steering Committee. 
  • Worked with members and colleagues to develop and finalize a five year plan, approved by our members, focused on convening, global advocacy, education and evidence, with priority initiatives addressing childhood obesity, and health and food systems.
  • Ensured the inclusion of obesity in the UN agenda including within Universal Health Coverage (UHC) efforts, and at multiple side events in conjunction with the UN General Assembly and World Health Assembly .
  • Partnered with members and colleagues to align obesity days across the globe and to launch a new, unified World Obesity Day on March 4, 2020, under the broad theme of changing the narrative, reinforced by a joint comment on stigma in health systems in Lancet Public Health.
  • Launched the first Global Obesity Forum, convening thought leaders and practitioners from inside and outside the WOF membership to support and develop a five-year strategy and roadmap for partnership.
  • Increased the profile and reach of World Obesity journals - Obesity Reviews, Clinical Obesity, Pediatric Obesity and Obesity Science & Practice
  • Developed 50 new health systems report cards on obesity in health systems which will help elevate obesity on national and global agendas.
  • Developed 28 obesity prevalence country report cards.
  • Launched the Lancet Commission report on the Global Syndemic of Undernutrition, Obesity and Climate Change in Bangkok and in events and publications across the globe.
  • Grew SCOPE in stature and reach, with close to 15,000 active users, 2500 new HCPs registered, and 224 new SCOPE certified health professionals.  New series were developed on childhood obesity and CVD and obesity. Over 600 healthcare professionals joined in-person SCOPE Schools in four countries.
  • Led global dissemination on two EU Horizon 2020 project consortia focused on childhood obesity and launched the first global Atlas on Childhood Obesity which received profile on CNN, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Al Jazeera, US media, and BBC. 
  • Held a Medical education roundtable with TOS, EASO, OMA and Obesity Canada, focusing on coordinating and partnering on education globally.
  • Partnered with the Research Triangle Institute to improve and standardize estimates of the cost of obesity across countries using a comparable method.
  • Facilitated policy and regional roundtables in Brazil and India, in process of renewing official relations status with WHO for 2020-2022, signed a new MOU with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and participated in planning for the Nutrition for Growth summit in Japan later this year.  

For 2020 we are excited to be co-organising the joint European Congress on Obesity/International Congress on Obesity (ECO/ICO) in Dublin this May, with EASO and ASOI.  But first we are excited to help launch the new World Obesity Day on March 4, with materials available later this month.  

Let’s welcome a fantastic 2020!

Donna, John, Johanna