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Advertising ban in public transport network (2019, UK)

Advertising ban in public transport network (2019, UK)

Did you know that 87% of young people find advertisements for high fat, sugar and salt products appealing? Increasingly, evidence shows that the marketing and advertising of high in fat, sugar and salt foods represents a significant risk for obesity. Therefore, restricting the marketing of these foods has been identified as a policy priority.  

Since 25 February 2019, all junk food advertising has been banned on the entire Transport for London network. This initiative launched by the Mayor of London aims to encourage the consumption of good food and promote an overall healthy lifestyle to children and the general population. Based on this new legislation:  

  • It is forbidden to advertise products that directly feature food and/or non-alcoholic drinks that have a high, sugar or salt content.  
  • All food-related businesses and brands are encouraged to promote healthier products rather than simply advertising their brand.  
  • Images and/or texts that promote the consumption of the products described above is no longer permitted.  

What is your opinion about the ban of junk-food advertising on the London transport network?  

Click here to read the full policy.  

UK Physical Activity Guidelines (2019)

Increasingly, the relationship between health and physical activity is growing and being recognised as essential. Indeed, even a small increase in levels of physical activity can contribute to improved health and quality of life. This guidance document recognises the importance of regular physical activity. First, it highlights how central it is for all age groups to engage in a variety of activities. Furthermore, the report also highlights risks of inactivity and sedentary behaviours for health. Specifically, the guidelines recommend that children and young people engage in a minimum of 60 minutes of daily moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity, that they engage in a variety of types and intensities of physical activity and reduce periods of inactivity. This report from the UK Chief Medical Officers looks at recommendations for different age groups and identifies the recommended duration, frequency and type of physical activity. Furthermore, this document from the UK government also presents the optimal levels of activity recommended to achieve general health benefits.  

Do you think this is a successful policy? 

Click here to read the full guidelines.   

Royal College of General Physicians Physical Activity and Lifestyle Toolkit (2019, UK)

This is a toolkit that was developed by the Royal College of General Practitioners. This toolkit is directed for primary care professionals in the UK. While the importance of physical activity has been recognised for decades, new and modern lifestyles have had a direct impact on our health. As a result of being inactive, we are seeing a number of health repercussions, such as a rise in type 2 diabetes. This toolkit highlights the benefits of increased levels of physical activity across a number of conditions, therefore calling for a change in our behaviours. While acknowledging some of the challenges associated with behaviour change, this toolkit is meant to provide some tips and tools to provide support and advice to those trying to implement them. 

Do you think this toolkit addresses all the necessary topics primary care professionals might need to be aware of?  

Click here to access the toolkit.

World Cancer Research Fund International - MOVING

The MOVING database is a repository of global data on physical activity policy actions, containing information on what governments around the world have implemented to encourage people to move more. The database collects policy actions from around the world which are implemented on a national level, and are currently in effect. 

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