Interactive Obesity Atlas: First time User Instructions

How to Navigate the Atlas

Select the map category, then map type, then map variant.    Alternatively if you know the map you wish to view you can select it directly from the map variant drop down.  If you hover over the map, some of the data will appear in a pop up box.  Depending on the map type, you can select the country and further information will appear by scrolling down the page.  When you are finished viewing a country you can select reset zoom to Europe or World or you can view the same country in a different map type by selecting a new map type.

On the trend maps you need to scroll down underneath the map to select time period to view then select 'change year'

Please note when you are using a mobile device, these maps function best when selecting country from drop down menu.

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What data will you find?

Obesity statistics - general prevalence by gender (measured surveys) and trend.  You will find more detailed data based on either measured or self report surveys by age, socioeconomic group, education status or region.  

Impact - % diabetes prevalence, % raised fasting blood glucose, % raised blood pressure and % raised total cholesterol.   Cancer incidence of obesity related cancer - pancreatic, colorectal,  kidney, gallbladder, breast and cancer of the uterus.

Drivers - Sugar, confectionary, sweet & savoury snacks, soft drinks, fruit and vegetable portions per person per month, % adolescents and adults insufficiently active

Actions - View what actions are being taken around the world to prevent and manage obesity in both children and adults.

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