Clinical Obesity - Associate Editor Applications Invited

Clinical Obesity is one of the World Obesity publications that is rapidly attracting an increasing number of submissions. We  invite applications from enthusiastic clinicians who would like to join the Editorial Board as Associate Editors. If your application is successful, you will be responsible for overseeing the refereeing process of submitted papers that will be allocated to you by one of the Editors-in-Chief. You will need to learn how to use Scholar One to invite and assign referees, evaluate their reports and advise on acceptance, revision or rejection of papers. You will also be expected to encourage and attract submissions to the journal. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the thrill of nurturing and guiding scientific publication. You will need to have sufficient time to commit to the process so that submissions move rapidly and smoothly through the referring process - perhaps 1 hour/day 3-4 days each week. We would particularly like to invite those with an obstetric/gynaecology, psychiatry/ psychology, paediatric/adolescent background to apply. Please send a 1 page CV and personal statement to