Marketing to Children - Stanmark & Polmark Projects

World Obesity has become increasingly concerned with the exposure of children to energy dense foods and beverages.

Following World Obesity's (formerly IASO) endorsement of the Sydney Principles (download pdf) in 2006 and its work on the Recommendations for an International Code on Marketing to Children (download pdf) we have worked on several projects relating to marketing issues, including the PolMark project and our latest project to develop international standards for children's exposure to food and beverage marketing - the StanMark project.

Recent activity

A systematic review has been published in Obesity Reviews examining the impact of initiatives to limit the advertising of food and beverage products to children. The paper is co-authored by World Obesity Policy Director Dr. Tim Lobstein.

Press release

Full paper can be viewed here

A comparison study of different nutrient profiling models used to restrict marketing to children has been published in a special edition of Paediatric Obesity focusing on sugar and childhood obesity. The study was carried out by Dr. Tim Lobstein and Hannah Brinsden.

Full paper can be viewed here

World Obesity Policy & Advocacy Researcher, Hannah Brinsden, presented the commitments that World Obesity has made on junk food marketing at the June meeting of the EU Platform on Diet and Physical activity.

Presentation available here


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