INFORMAS is the International Network for Food and Obesity / Non-communicable Diseases Research, Monitoring and Action Support. It was officially established at a meeting in Bellagio, Italy in November, 2012. It brings together a number of public-interest organisations and researchers with the aim to monitor, benchmark and support public and private sector actions to create healthy food environments and reduce obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

**NEW: Obesity Reviews Supplement published**

A supplement outlining the strategy for each of the modules of INFORMAS has been published online (open access). The series of 12 papers and 2 commentaries gives an informative overview of the project aims, goals and action plans. All of the articles can be viewed here


The specific objectives of INFORMAS are to:

  1. Develop a global network of public-interest organisations and research groups to monitor, benchmark and support efforts to improve food environments and reduce obesity and NCDs
  2. Collect and collate country-level data on public and private sector actions, and the impact of those actions on improving food environments, improving population diets and reducing obesity and NCDs
  3. Compare and communicate the progress on improving food environments against good practice benchmarks, between countries and within countries over time
  4. Use the results to strengthen public health efforts, particularly by supporting the translation of relevant evidence into public and private sector actions.


It is expected that the main outcomes of INFORMAS will be:

1. Improved population health:

  • progress of countries towards achieving the benchmarks, including trends over time and comparisons between countries
  • effective private and public sector policies and actions
  • healthier food environments
  • healthier diets
  • reduced obesity and NCDs
  • reduced inequalities (environments, diets, obesity and NCDs)

2. Improved food systems:

  • greater food sovereignty

3. Increased engagement of action:

  • increased engagement of vicil society actors with governments and the private sector

The role of World Obesity/ Policy and Prevention

World Obesity/ Policy and Prevention will be leading the INFORMAS Knowledge Exchange Team which consists of several large, global public-interest NGOs (including Consumers International, World Cancer Research Fund, and National Heart Forum). World Obesity/ Policy and Prevention will be responsible for external communication and advocacy support for INFORMAS. This will include communications of findings, raising the awareness of publications, individual country feedback and stimulating advocacy groups.

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