Advocacy toolkit

Whether you are an academic, a medical doctor, a health care professional, a policy director or a civil society advocate you can play a role in advocating for improvements in policies and behaviours which treat, manage or prevent obesity. Advocates can be individuals or work within community groups, expert groups or organisations with an issue close to their heart. This toolkit aims to provide the necessary background information, resources and key messages to allow us to move forward together to help combat obesity. It is designed to help support your work, allowing you to take into account the context and resources in your country.

The purpose of this toolkit is to

  • Offer support and advice to World Obesity members on how to advocate

  • Provide key facts and figures that may help with advocacy work on obesity

  • Promote an integrated approach to tackling obesity

You can download the toolkit, or just the appendices of most interest to you, using the links below. 


Appendix 1 - Key obesity facts and figures

Appendix 2 - Regional facts and figures