If you wish to attend ICO 2014 as a member of the accredited press, please complete the application form and return this with proof of your accreditation to




Media Registration
Registration is free of charge to bona fide representatives of print and electronic media.  Journalists are required to produce a valid, recognised press card or a commissioning letter on headed paper from a recognised publication or news organisation (freelancers).  Business cards are not an acceptable form of accreditation. Please complete a media registration form and and return this with proof of your accreditation to or by fax to +44 20 7685 2581.

The original of the press card or of the commissioning letter must also be presented at the conference registration desk together with valid identification. Journalists must register in person. Applications for media registration made via pharmaceutical, marketing or public relations companies will not be considered. Please register beforehand if possible. This will enable us to address any queries in advance.

Please respect embargo times and dates on news stories. News releases from presentations at the congress are embargoed until the date and time of the presentation or the official ICO 2014 news conference at which they are covered, whichever is earlier. Embargo dates and times are given on the news releases.

Congress facilities will be withdrawn from journalists involved in embargo-breaking.

Media Restrictions
Representatives of public relations companies, advertising agencies, marketing companies, pharmaceutical companies and their publications are not allowed to register as journalists, to work in the media workroom or to attend press briefings. The exception is where an official press briefing pertains to a product of a company. In this instance, one representative from that company will be admitted to the news conference, but will not be permitted to ask questions or to comment during the media Q&A. Representatives of not-for-profit organisations (such as charities, government organisations and NGOs) are not permitted in the media workroom uninvited, but one from each organisation is permitted to attend the news conferences, as long as they do not ask questions or comment during the media Q&A.

World Obesity reserves the right to bar, or eject, from any meeting (and future meetings) any person who provides false information regarding his/her affiliation or who deliberately promotes the view of any one company/organisation/product, or who engages in promotional discussions within the official press areas.

Third party media activity
Requests to hold third party press conferences must be made in advance to the ICO Secretariat. Such press conferences, whether held on-site or off-site, must not take place simultaneously with the official ICO news briefings or with any of the sessions. They must pertain to presentations being made at the conference in oral or poster sessions. The programme for any third party press conference should be submitted to and agreed by the ICO Secretariat before any invitations are sent out.

Further information on scheduled news briefings will be available in due course.

Third party press releases related to scientific presentations at the conference must be embargoed until the time and date of the presentation at the conference, unless otherwise agreed by the congress secretariat. They must be labeled clearly with the abstract number, date and embargo, and submitted to and agreed by the ICO Secretariat before distribution. Third party press materials and product information will not be permitted in the media workroom or press conference room. A table will be made available outside the media workroom for display. Materials must not contain the ICO 2014 logo and must not be presented in a way that could be construed as suggesting endorsement by ICO 2014 or World Obesity. World Obesity do not make media lists available to third parties.

Further queries should be directed to the ICO 2014 Congress Secretariat.
Email:  Tel: +44 20 7685 2580