International Congress on Obesity (ICO)

The International Congress on Obesity (ICO) is the official Congress of World Obesity and is held every four years.

The International Congress on Obesity (ICO) provides the opportunity to hear and discuss:

  • The latest research on all aspects of obesity.
  • New innovative preventive and treatment strategies.
  • Global alliances to reduce the prevalence of obesity and its associated burden of diseases.
  • Insight from the world’s leading obesity specialists.
Past IASO Congresses Location
ICO 1974 London, UK
ICO 1977 Washington DC, USA
ICO 1980 Rome, Italy
ICO 1983 New York, USA
ICO 1986 Jerusalem
ICO 1990 Kobe, Japan
ICO 1994 Toronto, Canada
ICO 1998 Paris, France
ICO 2002 São Paulo, Brazil
ICO 2006 Sydney, Australia
ICO 2010 Stockholm, Sweden


The 12th ICO will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 17-20 March, 2014.

For more information about the upcoming ICO, please see here.