World Obesity (formerly IASO) have conducted a series of exciting Hot Topic Conferences from 2010, focusing on specific topics in the field of obesity and its related diseases. The Hot Topic Conferences are organised by IASO in conjunction with other associations.

Hot Topic Dates Location
Cancer & Obesity 28-30 October 2010 Valencia, Spain
Let's talk about weight 14 March 2012 London, UK
Obesity & Mental Health 26-28 June 2012    
Toronto, Canada     
Obesity, Physical Activity & Cancer 16-17 April 2013 London, UK
Obesity & Pregnancy 15-17 May 2013 Boston, USA
Diabetes, Obesity & You 18 October 2013 London, UK


If you are interested in supporting these events through donation or sponsorship, please contact the Secretariat for further information.