How to register for SCOPE e-learning

You can register for SCOPE e-learning by setting up an account in the SCOPE online portal - it's free! Once you do so, please login to be directed to the e-learning homepage.

After registering you will receive a free module titled 'An etiological approach to obesity assessment and management' by Dr Arya Sharma. You will find it under 'diagnosis & classification' as pictured below.

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Click HERE to register!

"I encourage you to register for SCOPE today and take that first step towards improving your patient practice and professional development!"                                                                                     Prof Nick Finer, UK

Subscription cost
A subscription entitles you to unlimited access to all e-learning modules for a year, including the new modules that are added to the portfolio. Once your subscription expires, you will be entitle to renew at a reduced rate.

Subscriptions: £200 World Obesity members; £250 regular price
Renewals: £40 World Obesity members; £50 regular price

Package cost 
For those interested in specific topics we offer SCOPE packages. Each package includes a bundle of courses on a related topic such as lifestyle interventions. Courses do not expire and new courses added to the package are included.

Packages: £40 World Obesity members; £50 regular price

Module cost
You are welcome to purchase modules individually, instead of with a subscription. Modules are £12 for World Obesity members and £15 for non-members.

Find out about World Obesity membership here

Group Discounts Contact us for details

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