How to register for SCOPE e-learning

You can register for SCOPE e-learning by setting up an account in the SCOPE online portal - it's free! 

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Subscription cost
A subscription entitles you to unlimited access to all e-learning modules for a year, including the new modules that are added to the portfolio. Once your subscription expires, you will be entitled to renew at a reduced rate.

£200 World Obesity members; £250 regular price
Renewals: £40 World Obesity members; £50 regular price

Package cost 
For those interested in specific topics we offer SCOPE packages. Each package includes a bundle of courses on a related topic such as lifestyle interventions. Courses do not expire and new courses added to the package are included.

£40 World Obesity members; £50 regular price

Module cost
You are welcome to purchase modules individually, instead of with a subscription. Modules are £12 for World Obesity members and £15 for non-members.

Find out about World Obesity membership here

Group Discounts Contact us for details

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