Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to be a doctor to qualify for SCOPE Certification?

Anyone in any allied healthcare profession can apply for SCOPE. This includes doctors but also nurses, dieticians, and many others. If you are still unsure if you qualify contact us at

What about the experience requirement? How do I meet this if I don't work in a clinic?

You do not need to work in a clinic to meet the experience requirement. You only need to show evidence of at least 6 months work experience with obese patients in a medical or allied healthcare profession setting.

How many SCOPE points do I need to become certified and can I get these all from e-learning?

You need to accumulate 12 SCOPE points. As of 4 September 2013, you can get all the SCOPE points you need from e-learning alone. If you complete 24 of our e-learning modules you will become SCOPE Certified. 

How do I register for SCOPE?

Registration is free! You can find step-by-step instructions in our registration guide here. In addition we will give you a free course so you can see what all the fuss is about.

I'm from outside Europe/North America, can I still register for SCOPE?

Yes! We are an international organisation and one of our goals is expanding SCOPE in countries throughout Asia, Africa and South America.

I may have attended a SCOPE event in the past, can I transfer these points to my new account?

If you attended a past SCOPE event you should have received registration details after the event. If you were not sent these details or lost them by accident, contact us at so we can locate them for you.

Is SCOPE recognised in my country? 

Yes, SCOPE is the only international qualification in obesity education. SCOPE developed out of a European Union obesity summit in 2002 that highlighted a need to improve clinical management of obesity. Over a decade we have developed a reputation as the leader in obesity education. We are recommended by the NHS commissioning board in the UK and we've endorsed American clinical guidelines for obesity treatment. We are mentioned in the Royal College of Physicians Action on Obesity report. We have held over 40 live training courses in 17 countries and our education task force includes leading obesity experts. All SCOPE courses include CPD points and are certified by the voluntary regulator the Association for Nutrition.

Update: Some SCOPE courses now offer CME credit for Doctors. See here for a list of courses.

I live in a developing country and run an obesity course, will you accredit my course?

We are actively encouraging SCOPE accreditation in Asia, Africa and South America as obesity has become a fast-growing problem in these regions. As part of this effort, we are offering free accreditation to unsponsored events. Please download an application here (ignore payment form) and email it to

I want to partner with SCOPE. What is the process?

Email us at to discuss.

I am interested in sponsoring SCOPE e-learning, what are my options?

We thank you for your interest in sponsoring SCOPE. We are a registered charity in the UK operating with limited resources. We would like to spread SCOPE e-learning to countries with the greatest need. You can sponsor SCOPE subscriptions or events anywhere in the world. Alternatively you can sponsor the development of new modules. Please contact us at +44 20 7685 2580 or to discuss.