SCOPE Podcasts

Looking to update your obesity management knowledge on the go?

SCOPE podcasts are a series of short, informative presentations from world class obesity experts. Join us for learning on the go, wherever you are!

Challenging your prejudices 

Prof Nick Finer addresses prejudices of obesity in this timely module. For access register to SCOPE.

Edmonton Obesity Staging System (EOSS) 

Join Arya Sharma, a world-renowned expert in obesity education, as he guides you through the innovative Edmonton Obesity Staging System. EOSS is an effective tool for health professionals to properly assess the severity of obesity in their patients. 



Starting the Patient Dialogue 

Join Arya Sharma as he guides you through the assessment and management of obesity in your patients. The complete module is now available in our course catalogue.

Facilitating Behavior Change for Weight Loss

Join Dr Alain Golay, a world-renowned expert in patient education, as he guides you through facilitating behavior change in your obese patients. You'll pick up practical tips to help you improve your patient relationships and weight loss outcomes. The complete e-learning module with much more is available in our course catalogue.



E-learning modules from Dr Golay and Dr Sharma are available in the course catalogue.

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