Frequently asked questions about Certification

Can I become SCOPE Certified through e-learning alone?

Yes. You need to complete 24 of the e-learning modules to accumulate the 12 points required for Certification. There is no requirement to attend an instructor-led course. 

What happens to the SCOPE points I already have?

They are yours to keep! Any points you have earned from SCOPE courses in the past are still valid under the new SCOPE Certification system. Similarly, any new SCOPE points you earn have no expiry. You can check your points online in your SCOPE e-learning account by clicking on the "Points & Credits" icon once you login.

Do I have to complete specific modules for Certification or can I choose?

It's up to you! You can pick the modules that interest you, those that pertain to your area of expertise, or those that address areas you feel would be useful to learn about. The same applies for the 2 modules you are asked to complete annually as part of the renewal criteria - your choice. Flexibility is one of the many benefits that SCOPE Certification offers.

How do I stay current?

To maintain your Certification, we ask that you complete at least 2 additional modules annually. Once you have subscribed for initial access to SCOPE e-learning, you are entitled to renew your access at a reduced rate of £50 annually (or £40 for IASO members).

How do I know when to submit my renewal payment and complete my renewal modules?

Your SCOPE Certification is valid for one year. You will be notified via email 30 days before your access expires and prompted to make a renewal payment. Once you make the renewal payment, you will have 1 year to complete the 2 renewal modules.

What email address will I be notified on?

All email notifications relating to SCOPE Certification and e-learning will be sent to the email address you specified when you registered for a SCOPE online account. If you would like to change this address, log in to your SCOPE account and click on the "Tools" icon.

If your question isn't answered here, try our general SCOPE FAQs.