How to get SCOPE Certified

1. Subscribe

Subscription to the SCOPE Certification Programme entitles you to unlimited access to all obesity management e-learning modules for a year. 

Regular Fee: £250 
IASO Member Fee: £200

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Click HERE to register!
Select the "Courses" icon upon login and then click the "Subscribe" button.

Alternatively, you can purchase course packages or individual courses.

2. Learn

As you complete the SCOPE e-learning modules, you will be awarded SCOPE points to use towards the SCOPE Certification criteria.

3. Apply

Once you have earned the 12 SCOPE points required for SCOPE Certification, you will be notified via email and in your SCOPE e-learning account that you are eligible for Certification. You will be directed to upload evidence of your practical experience, at which point your application will be submitted to our panel for review. 

4. Get Certified!

You will be notified of your successful application in your SCOPE e-learning account. Your SCOPE Certification Certificate will appear for you to download and print.

Find out about renewing your Certification.