Extended International (IOTF) Body Mass Index Cut-Offs for Thinness, Overweight and Obesity in Children

The revised international child cut-offs are available corresponding to the following body mass index (BMI) cut-offs at 18 years:

•    16       thinness grade 3
•    17       thinness grade 2
•    18.5    thinness grade 1
•    23       overweight (unofficial Asian cut-off)
•    25       overweight
•    27       obesity (unofficial Asian cut-off)
•    30       obesity
•    35       morbid obesity

The cut-offs are given for exact ages by month from 2 to 18 years.

NB if you want to apply the cut-offs as centiles or SD scores, you can use Microsoft Excel with the free add-in LMSgrowth, available here. LMSgrowth also contains the original international cut-offs.



These are available to download in Excel format here.

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